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Hi, I'm Abdellah.

A Guy-who-loves-coding.jsx

Algiers, Algeria.

Hello again 👋

I'm Passionate Frontend Developer, Experienced in building exceptional applications and websites using React, Redux, and other web development technologies. Enjoys helping others learn how to code and empowering them to unleash their creative potential.

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My Skills 👨‍💻

HtmlCSSSCSS / SASSTailwind CSSBootstrapMaterial UIJavaScriptReact JS / React NativeRedux / Redux Toolkit

What people are saying 🤍

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Software Developer

"Abdellah is a great person, we worked together on some projects at Microverse. We met in the first module and kept our connection since then, he's fun, energetic, and always eager to learn more and do the best. I strongly recommend working with"


Web Developer

"Abdellah is such a wonderful person, having worked with him on a few projects, he shows that he's a team player and always sticks to the schedule in order to meet deadlines, always energetic helpful, and willing to share, I absolutely recommend you have him in your team"

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